Navigating big changes

  • Migration (moving in my teens from a familiar environment to a new country, language, culture)
  • Migration (returning to Australia in my twenties to build a better life for myself)
  • Settling in Carnegie in 2013
  • Running a small business (management consulting firm)
  • Setting up a not-for-profit

Professional skills

  • Management Consultant (local government benchmarking specialist and innovator) – 12 years to present
  • Job Search Consultant (in London and in Sydney, consultant, team leader, site manager) – five years
  • Trained in law (LLB, LLM) and mediation
  • Experienced “Thinking Environment” facilitator

Serving the community in Carnegie and Glen Eira

Roles of service to my local community held at various times between 2013 and now:

  • Carnegie Basketball Club – Club Secretary, Coach and Team Manager
  • Bentleigh Lakers Basketball Club – Team Manager
  • Glen Eira City Council Community Consultation Committee Member
  • Carnegie Primary School – Councillor and Treasurer
  • Neighbourhood advocacy –
    • objected to 18 developments in my neighbourhood, appearing at VCAT for five of these
    • initiated and hosted “Carnegie Conversations” – a round table for concerned residents that met seven times in 2017
    • contributed to Council’s Structure Planning Process for Carnegie until March 2018

Genuine independence

  • Independent of party membership
  • Independent of having to defend decisions of a previous council (as I haven’t served on a previous council)
  • Free to seek the best solutions from around the globe for our local challenges