My Plans

When elected to serve as Councillor, my goals are

1. Establish effective working relationships

2. Deliver on commitments made

3. Implement my long-term vision

1. Establish effective working relationships

1.1. Establish effective working relationship with other Councillors

1. Once the polls close, reach out to all candidates.

2. Once the election is declared, contact all new Councillors.

3. Invite to a Councillors-only Round Table to a) meet, b) explore what our priorities are for the term and how we can achieve them, c) think about how we can work together to achieve the best outcomes for the community, d) discuss who is interested in running for Mayor and what time / experiences they have for the role.

1.2. Establish effective working relationship with the CEO, Directors and staff

1. Connect with the CEO and through her, with Directors  and staff.

2. Actively participate and engage in the Councillor Induction program. Be across Council's plans and corporate planning process. Know where its projects are up to.

3. Contribute my insights into creating "Thinking Environments" to increase meeting effectiveness and collaboration.

4. Build on the work done by the Council organisation and previous Councillors, conscious of "legacy" work, "business as usual", and the trajectory the new group of Councillors wants the organisation to adopt. 

5. Familiarise myself with the CEO's performance agreement and review cycle.

1.3. Be accessible to residents and keep them informed

1. Maintain this website, facebook, instagram and youtube presence.

2. Create "office hours" when residents can call / book a 1:1 meeting to discuss their concerns .

3. Establish "Rosstown Round Tables" where we can learn and think about issues that concern our community. Depending on demand, this may be extended to round tables for each suburb / neighbourhood.

1.4. Connect and engage with key stakeholders

1. Contact candidates who were not elected; to understand the most important change they would like to see in Council. 

2. Connect with stakeholder and community groups.

3. Where appropriate for my role, connect with representatives from other authorities and levels of government

2. Deliver on election commitments 

2.1. Be transparent about commitments made

1. Create a public list of commitments made to residents and stakeholders during the campaign

2. Create a monthly newsletter / blog post updating on progress

[This section will be completed in coming days]

3. Implement my long-term vision 

[This section will be completed in coming days]